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Simple One Page Project Manager Round Table Project Management: One Page Status Reports

Simple One Page Project Manager Round Table Project Management: One Page Status Reports

One page project manager - I attended a course at mimas on the usage of the ‘one web page assignment manager’ (oppm). This is a system advanced by clark campbell (some time within the 90s, i suppose), and is designed to will let you speedy and absolutely present all of the important data about a assignment in a single page. I idea it sounded too suitable to be genuine!.

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I hadn’t executed any reading on oppm before the path, and turned into vaguely waiting for it to be a few sort of theoretical guidance on what you have to consist of in a venture summary (perhaps with a few recommendations on ‘expanding margins’ and ‘what sincerely is the smallest readable font size???), so i was pleasantly amazed to locate that the path (run through david sommer consulting) wasn’t theoretical at all. Oppm is a unmarried-web page template, that you fill in with the relevant facts. It’s now not designed to enter masses of detail about every mission or degree of a venture, however to offer an outline of the crucial data.

, at the side of steering on a way to use it. In case you suppose you want the look of it, i’d suggest that it’s in all likelihood really worth paying $10 for the excel version, because it’s designed to be used and customized within excel.

Nicely, it’s challenge management time again! Seems to be a theme with me these days – i think i’m working on greater tasks, and feature started out to observe the ability in using challenge control equipment to control matters that i hadn’t virtually idea of as ‘initiatives’.

I just like the way the template is laid out – when you see the way it all fits collectively, it’s simply a very elegant use of space. You start reading the oppm clockwise from the objectives in the decrease-left ‘hub’, and it’s pretty smooth to peer at a glance what each segment indicates (in case you disregard my frankly stunning handwriting!).

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